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Verify is an intuitive statistical analysis validation software that saves critical time and reduces human error, accelerating regulatory approval and speed-to-market.

* ROI measurements based on average clinical trial size. Results may vary by customer and trial.

Verify case study

Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine trials

Automating clinical trial data validation when the world needs it most

Prior to the onset of Covid-19, Pfizer understood the need to ensure clinical data’s accuracy in an automated manner and to structure the data in a way that provides insight into safety and efficacy. From the beginning of the pandemic, Pfizer used Verify to safely reduce its vaccine studies’ time to submission for FDA approval while maintaining the highest quality.


What is Verify?

Verify is an automated SaaS system using ML/NLP for clinical trials output data management.
The system automates the validation of statistical analysis clinical outputs.
Developed specifically for the needs of clinical trial quality assurance, Verify allows you to bring a production-ready product to market faster, without compromising quality.

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