A Workspace for Validation

Driven by a long-term collaboration with Pfizer, Beaconcure developed effective workflow solutions.
Verify provides secure, accurate, and easy clinical trial data validation.

The Process

  1. Upload

    your statistical files to a secure, dedicated AWS cloud space for Verify to access and analyze.

  2. Convert

    the statistical outputs into a structured database, where it will be ready for automated validation.

  3. Validate

    validation checks that will run on the statistical data. They will be examined by our expert team to ensure ultimate accuracy.

  4. Review

    results on a dedicated workspace for you to review, discuss with your team and make further decisions.

Verify for clinical data science

Converting Static Data into Machine Readable Format

Verify is familiar with your document format, its table structure, and data hierarchy.

The system understands the data context itself − not only the layout or format of the data.

By converting the static outputs to a dynamic structured database, you are releasing your data from its document format limitations and preparing it for inspection based on validation checks you will choose.

Data control is yours.

Verify for clinical programmers and biostaticians

Automating the Manual Checks

Verify helps for the first time, to create a standardized list of checks. Automated validation checks are an improved version of the manual checks you or your team will perform to check the data validity.

For example, total number of patients, unified dosage intake, trial dates, footnote consistency or any dataset that needs to be checked, Verify ensures accuracy.

The end results will be displayed in an intuitive dashboard so you and your team can take further actions.

Verify for clinical project leads

Tracking And Reporting Study Progress

Harnessing team collaboration is powerful. We know. Verify offers collaboration functionalities on a study level across many deliverables.

Every task and communication is logged under your profile and deliverables.

Working on deliverables in parallel where all communications are stored in one place is quick and easy.

Actions are secured in your activity log folder so you can revisit, edit and share with your peers and your management.

Verify for management

Audit Trail

Work performed by you and Verify is logged in an Audit Trail folder so you can share with management and the regulator to authenticate the work that was done to ensure the highest quality of delivery.