Beaconcure Knowledge Bazaar at PHUSE US Connect 2023

By Ilan Carmeli | Apr 13, 2023

Beaconcure was proud to sponsor the PHUSE US 2023 conference in Orlando earlier this year. As part of our sponsorship, we hosted a series of knowledge bazaar sessions at our sponsor zone during the breaks, which were well-attended by fellow professionals from across the pharmaceutical industry.

These sessions provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn and share their thoughts on various industry-related topics, and we were honored to have contributed to the collective knowledge and expertise of the event.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have played a key role in this year’s PHUSE conference and are committed to continuing our efforts to drive innovation and excellence within the pharmaceutical industry.

Session 1: The Impact of the New FDA Safety Table & Figure Guidelines

Session 2: Streamlining the Validation Process

Session 3: Reduce Queries from Regulatory Authorities

Session 4: Efficient Output Management